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Hotel Granvia Kyoto’s “Ukihashi “Japanese restaurant becomes second eatery inside hotel to obtain local halal certification
On April 1st, 2014, Hotel Granvia Kyoto’s "Ukihashi" Japanese restaurant obtained local halal certification from Malaysia Halal Corporation Co., Ltd..
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Discover the Heart of Tokyo Tour
If you ever want to open up a new restaurant, Kappabashi Street (aka Kitchen Town) is where you need to head. This off-beat tourist spot is a short walk from Asakusa station and the more famous Senso-ji temple.
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OSAKA NO.1– Mr. Odagiri’s Column Series vol. 3
Long time no see, everyone! This is Osaka tour planner Odagiri. The weather certainly has gotten more comfortable. Actually, the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas, opened in Osaka this spring (March 7th).
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Subscribers only - Ways to Ride the “Toei” City Bus for Sightseeing in Tokyo, Economical and Convenient!
Here we introduce a convenient system for you to search recommended buses for sightseeing in Tokyo, economical bus passes and bus routes to your destinations. We hope it will serve you well in planning your itineraries.
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